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BEFORE & AFTER: Darleen Santore has been in the self empowerment industry for more than 20 years. She sought a solution to update her logo and brand to reach a broader audience. She has earned the well-respected title of “coach” from thousands of people who commonly refer to her as “Coach Dar”, however, Darleen expressed the need for a more versatile brand identifier. We accomplished this in her logo design by softening the emphasis on the word “coach” while creating appeal and balance with rounded contours. This logo is also available in many bright solid colors, allowing Darleen to personalize and color coordinate her branding by subject or refresh her messaging on social media.

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BEFORE & AFTER: The past 5 years, Darleen broadened her audience to include not only professional athletes, but also prominent CEOs, world leaders, and business executives. She needed a brand refresh to connect with a sophisticated clientele. After engaging in our one-on-one sessions and realizing the unique experience she brings to her clients, we established a framework that combines bright and muted colors against clean white space that provides a gracious appeal to all audiences. The banner consists of a multiple-colored layered and banded background behind Darleen’s logo—a metaphor for transparency in messaging and her multifaceted “colorful” and friendly approach in communicating. See her redesigned website at coachdar.com



BEFORE & AFTER: Our client wanted to update their existing logo while maintaining the wheat stalk since it was part of their trademark. We successfully modernized the logo providing a clean look while keeping key heritage features. We added "EST 1967" to highlight their successful product longevity and customer trust.



BEFORE & AFTER: Our client had multiple design styles throughout their broad sku collection. We were tasked to create a new look while maintaining their signature trade dress of amber bottles and yellow caps.  The end result is a clean, apothecary influenced design that is modern yet familiar. 


ultra plan vitamins

BEFORE & AFTER:- Gone are the muted labels from the past.  This collection now boasts bright vibrant colors for approachability, color-coding by category, and clear product identifiers for easy navigating.


Chime probiotics

We first established the product name then created a calming design to highlight the product essence. For logo design, 2 converging droplets were created to represent calm, balance and soothing wellness.


Vitra Protein powder

This product is a clean, plant based protein therefore the design needed an uncluttered approach.  Earthy yet vibrant colors not only provided a clean design but also an unique shelf presence. The logo and 4 leaf clover design was originated from the need to give consumers a peek of the 4 grains that are in the product. The clover “petal” shape is cleverly based on the negative space within the letter “a” in Vitra.


Vitra Collateral

In-store display concept showing promotional goods. Overhead and platform signage. Posters and brochures round out the extra information supplied to the consumer.




typhoon bars

BEFORE & AFTER: Just Deeelicious bars underwent a name change and design transformation. We created a bold graphic swirl to denote “a whirlwind of goodness” which changes color based on flavor, creating good visibility from a distance. This was achieved with simple ingredient photos and simple product call-outs.


nutrition science beauty

BEFORE & AFTER: The brand needed a presence that would pop on shelf.  We chose natural images that referenced ingredients highlighted inside the abstract butterfly wings to bring about approachability. Blue and green trade dress represented the hydration elements in this collection. Product line extensions are now easily accessible visually by changing color bands to align with skin care concern.